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Functions & Functionaries of Academic Branches
CMDE (Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation)
  Introduction :
It is an important division of DIET. After the planning and management done by P & M branch, the important role of CMDE branch starts. I.F.I.C. does the work of improving the quality of education. In P & M the planning is done on that basis. After that all the responsibilities, the CMDE branch has to handle. It has to develop the course material. It has to explain the teaching activities and It has to take help of educational technology to to encourage the children to do such activities. In reality the W.E. and E.T. are the two important divisions for CMDE.

All the divisions of institute are though different, their motive is one. All are helpful to each other, which can be well understood by the following figure. The CMDE+WE+ET all the three branches will work together to improve the branch.

CMDE+WE+ET all the three branches will work together to improve the schools.
It is an important 5th branch of Institute. Its work is co-ordinate well with all the branches. The W.E. and E.T. are the two important branches for this branch. The other branches are to be strengthened by evaluation tests, course, material and educational equipments.
Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation (CMDE)
  1. To adopt existing items & develop new items of the following kinds so that elementary education and elementary teacher education programmes.
    (i)    Teaching learning for general as well as locally developed curricular units-         especially primers for classes I and II in tribal languages in districts having         substantial tribal population.
    (ii)   Techniques and guild lines for continuous and summative learner-evaluation.
    (iii)  Tests, question/item banks, rating scales, observation schedules, guidelines for         diagnostic testing/remedial programmes talent identification procedures etc.
  2. To help DRU in development work as above for Adult and non-formal Education.
  3. 3. To undertake testing on sample basis to assess achievement levels among learners, especially with reference to Min levels prescribed for the primary and upper stage and for adult learners under NLM. To help educational authorities and elementary school/NFE/AE centres in implementing a reliable and valid system of learner evaluation.
  4. To conduct workshops for the adaptation/development work mentioned in (1) above, as also in-service programmes relating to CMDE.
  •   To develop new educational units based on local environment.
  •   To develop course material for std I & II for Adivasi Children.
  •   To impart technical assistance and guidance for continuous and impartial evaluation.
  •   To develop equipments, literature, modules question-bank for evaluation.
To help making necessary material for District research institute, informal and alternative schools and adult education centers.
Developing Course Material
Teachers are given course material and books by the organization. But more equipments and material for giving a better education to children along with books and course materials will be needed.

The teacher will have to prepare the same in accordance with local situation. The CMDE branch has to give necessary guidance in the respect.
Working of Course Material
  •   To add to teaching material
  •   To bring change
  •   To cancel off, leave off , to change activities
  •   Continuous & overall Evaluation
To Establish Co-ordination with other Division
  1. Pre-service teacher training :- To develop needed literature evaluation, question bank and evaluation of education.
  2. Work experience :- To develop material with regard to needs of local fields and to make a format of evaluation.
  3. District Research Units :- To develop needed material for adult education and non-formal education to help in evaluation.
  4. In-service Teachers training :- to develop course material as per necessary, develop educational equipments. To make ready the justification and evaluation activities.
  5. Educational technology :- To develop material according to the necessity and help in evaluation.
  6. Planning & Management :- Co-operating in planning, course material and planning of the institute.
  •   This departments is of more importance. this branch has to work in co-ordination with   all other units. It has to prepare course material.
  •   To teach the course more effectively, to develop educational equipments, to make the   teaching more effective by adding the points of course materials into the books. To   evaluate the books, improve it, add, cancel the inappropriate points.
  •   To give details of continuous and overall evaluation. To test, and to come to the result.
In this way this units is very important from the view points of course, equipments, materials, literature etc.
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