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Tourist Places & Occupation

The district was known as Panchmahals because it was originally consisted of five mahalas (i.e. Palace)

The district consist of territories situated on and around. The total area of the district is 5,13,819 Hectare It is divided in 11 Talukas.

The total Populatinon of the district is 10,44,937 among which is male and 9,80,340 female from 1201 villages that is total population 20,25,277 According to last census - 2001.
Monsoon is very tough in Panchmahal. The district lies between 20.30 to 23.30 north latitude and 73.15 to 74.00 east longtitude.

Area in
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No. of Blocks
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Populating Density per Sq. Km
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Summer starts from March to June in the district. The temperature goes beyond 40 degree. During summer. December January and February are the days of winter during these days the temperature goes below 5 degree.

There were 10 Talukas and 1 Mahal before 2nd October 1997. Godhara, Kalol, Halol, Jambugoda, Shehra, Lunavada, Dahod, Jhalod, Santrampur, Limkheda, Devgadh Baria. there for district has 11 Talukas at present.

The headquarter of the district is at Godhra. The district is situated in the middle east part of Gujarat state & in the north it is bounded by Bansvara & Dungarpur Rajsthan. Uz Baroda, Dahod, Kheda & Sabarkatha.

The important tourist places of the district are Kadana dem, Mahi river, Pavagadh, Champaner, Kaleshvari, Jambughoda Tracking roots, Malav, Lunavada, Chhota Kashi Aniad, Panam project.

River system and Water Resource:
Average 800M.M.Rain.Most of the rivers in the district originates from Malwa hills. These rivers are entirely dependent on monsoon Following are the important rivers, Panam, Chikani Kun, Khan, Kabhtri, Chibota, shri Vishvamitri, Hadap. Sant state before the merger the seventh state,The sant state had zag villages, which had been constitutated in the Satrampur taluka of the district. It covered an area of 13,6,621 SqKm or (527.5 Miles) When the Ruler died heirless. Today there are 152 village after division of talukas.

The Lunavada State:
Before the merger, the Lunavada State was a state it self 356 villages covering an area of 1004.92SqKm (388 Sq miles) except the following 16 villages, all villages (340) before divided taluka.

The Jambughoda State:
Before the merger Jambughoda was a jurisdictional State and had 57villages covering an area of 370.37Sqkms or (143 Sq Miles). Kadana state situated to the north of the sant state was absorved in the Sant state in 1943.

Life style and culture :
Gujarati is the mother tongue of 96.18 % of the population of the district. The main communities of the district was Hindus, Muslim, Jains, Christians, Sikhas. Which are Sub. devided in Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Swaminarayan, Vanvasi, Patidar, Rajputs,,Kachchhi, Raval, Pateliya etc. All of them celebrated their festivals and ather traditions. The Ras garba, Bhavai, Ramlila Bhajan mandali are the speciality of the district. The main source of income is small business and agriculture and cattle breeding and dairy.

The Lok Mela :
The lok mela in each and every Taluka of the district has its own imporantance.

Champaner Jama Masjid
Kadana Dem

Kaleshwari Choli
of Bhima

Kaleshwari Nal
  •  Ravadi Mela-Jain Festival, Santrampur
  •  Chaitri Atham Mela- Pavagadh
  •  Mahashivratri, Kaleshvari Mela
  •  Mata Kotal no Melo
  •  Amali Agiyaras no Melo
  •  Karanta no Kutubsa no Urse
Famous Tourist Spots :
Santrampur :
Ravedi mela (fair) is arranged on Bhadrapad punam (full moon day) for 3 days at Bhairvaji Temple in Santrampur Taluka. Cave of Bhamreshvari mata Ancient step well step buidi in 11th century Shiv panchayatari, hava Mahal, Talav bunglow, Harshidhdhi mataji Temple, Bhamreshvari mata cave, Ambaji temple.

 1. Lunavada : mahakali temple, chhota kashi, mahals garden and temple etc.
 2. Shahera : Mardeshvar Mahadev, Aniyad - Khodiyar mataji mandir
 3. Godhra : Swaminarayan Mandir, Ramsagar Tank, Kadana Tank, Panchmahal Dairy,      Mallakawa, Hot water kund(tuva)
 4. Halol : world Herritage champaner, Pavagadh, Halol G.I.D.C. &Lucky studio, General      motors
 5. Kalol : Guptesh MahadevTemple, Malav Ashram
 6. Kadana : Kadana Hydro Project, Nadinathji
 7. Khanpur : Ancient kalerhwari temple louilt in 11 th century, Bhimna pagla, Hat mela.
 8. Jambughoda : zand Hanuman, Poyali no fall.

Art & Literature:
In the field of art and literature the district had also well known Gujarati writers viz Ramanlal V. Desai, Jayant Pathak, Dr. Pravin Darji.
Social Life Manner and Costumes:
Importance of costumes observed by the Hindus in events like Shrimant (first Preganancy) Upnayan (Janoi) Vivah (ring ceremony) Marrige and death.
Historical Importance:
Baiju Bawra was born in the Chapaner.World Harritage Champaner Pavagadh-Ancient capital of Gujarat was also situated in this district.
Important Personalites:
  •   Swami Krupala Nandji
  •   Rang Avadhut Maharaj, Godhra
  •   Shri Sevakram Kumbhar
  •   Parshottam Bhagat
  •   Shri Narayan Bapu, Tajpura
  •   Shri Bhomanandji Maharaj, Lunavada
  •   Rajmata Goverdhankumari won Padma Shree in art Ghoomer
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