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Functions & Functionaries of Academic Branches
ET (Education Technology)
  Introduction :
District institute of education and training is very impotent branch. It is very helpful in their learning process. It develops children activities. Education through teaching aids is long lasting and easily understood and education BECOMES interesting. This section's most important work is helpful to CMDE (sections).
  Educational Technology (ET)
  1. To develop in collaboration with concerned staff of the DIET and other resource persons, simple, effective and low-cost teaching aids for various subjects/areas relevant to elementary education and elementary teacher education –charts, diagrams, models, photographs, slides, audio tapes, play scripts, songs etc.
  2. To help the DRU in developing low cost teaching aids as above, for adult and non-formal Education.
  3. To maintain the following
    (i)    All A.V. equipments of the Institute
    (ii)   Computer Lab
    Computer lab
    (iii)  A display area for good, low cost teaching aids developed in house as well as         elsewhere and,
    (iv)  A display area for good, low cost teaching aids developed in house as well as         elsewhere and,
  4. To lend slides, cassettes and films to institutions having playing/projection facilities, and to borrow them from others Resource Centres.
  5. To liase with nearby Radio station for arranging educational broadcasts suitable for elementary school children, AE/NFE learners, teachers/instructors of the district.
    (i)    Effective utilization of educational broadcasts, telecasts, cassettes and aids, and
    (ii)   Development of simple, low cost teaching aids.
  Work of ET Branch
  1. To create literate which is helpful to lesson no :- Some easy available instruments like maps, figures, photographs, songs, stories, proper spellings, poor sentence, mathematic, dialoged, writing of drama, skills of use will develop in teacher is the main. Those skills is of learning is also helpful in education.
  2. Stories :- This sections has to store those instruments of education some of them are very costly, some are destroy by rain therefore they store in proper place.
    —  All audio-visual aids of institute.
    —  Computer lab.
    —  In or outside of institute, exhibition of less costly teaching aids.
    —  Useful cassettes of audio-visual is placed in library.
  3. Inter changed of aids/instruments :- Some instruments like slides, cassettes , films, costly books (for audio songs) which are very costly, some leading institution inter changes teaching aids schools and villages.
  4. Proper arrangement for spread of education which the use of students, teacher and guide we have to make educational programmes and give it to nearest radio station.
  5. Programmes handling for part of the service :- By the use of other section we have to arrange a programme which is helpful to the teacher.
    —  in this programme educational spread, Doordarshan, Cassette library development      and effective. We with combination of different sections were becomes easy and      effective. When one teacher is working other makes slides, charts and script.
    —  Development of easy and less costly like charts, maps, modules, pictures, slides audio      tapes, script, dialogues of drama, Card domino (One type of game of card). This work      is possible with help of experience schools.
  6. For above given work we can use this sections and other section of institute, pirate work school.
To give knowledge of teaching instruments :-
All programmes and activities of institute has to give proper knowledge work with other ducat ional sections.
With the development of this section wonderful world of educational developed students got interesting education and it is also helpful to the teachers. This section grew very little, we have to co-operate ourselves and work together. This section's main aim is to make easy education through the teaching aids.
Main work of Institution in this section
Below Given Work is Taken on this Section Main ( in this training center)
  1. At discuss about future planning and programmes in this fields.
  2. How many instruments at our institution and which are purchasable; discuss with principal.
  3. Arrange exhibition with the help of work experience branch in exhibition room.
  4. Which instruments are useful and purchasable for CMDE and other.
Relationship Between Educational Experimental Schools and Other Schools
  1. For pre-service teachers training :-
    Less Costly things, audio-visual aids, Costly things understanding of those things is very useful.s
  2. Work Experience :-
    Help by Film show and tool kit
  3. District resource Unit :-
    To give less Costly educational Things and numerical help.
  4. Programme for service :- Audio- Visual Aids and less costly things
  5. Development of lessons number things :-
    To help for the development of educational skills, script writing and its Video cassettes making.
  6. Planning & Management :-
    To collect Documents and computers instruction collect numerical knowledge in computers

The various types of Audio-Visual equipments are given by the GCERT. to the ET Branch of the Institute. Which are as under

Above all Internet connection is also there in the institute, and the PTSE trainees are given this benefit for educational purpose

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