Message from Dr. A.V.Patel

    I feel sense of pleasure and dignity at the opening of the web site of District Institute of Education and Training, Santrampur which itself as like a small university working for excellence and reformation in education at district level. This institution trains teachers from Balwadi (Kinder Garten) to primary teachers, CRCC, BRCC and ADEI as well. Along with Pre-Service and In-Service training, we impart and monitor training of the lecturers and trainees of C.P.Ed., A.T.D., and P.T.C. colleges of this district. Besides this, this institution arrange – Festivals of school Entrance Programme, Children Fair, Bal Ramatotsav, Mathematics and Science Exhibitions and works for awakening and partnership of  people.

    DIET, Santrampur  also works in  the   field  of  Evaluation of Child-Education, awareness for Girls-Education, Education, Gender Education, Education for disables, Educational Researches, Campus Development and arranges teachers conferences and gatherings. We are dedicated to a noble cause of bringing talent inner abilities of children as well as of teachers. This institution inspires and honour to students and teachers of excellence. We produce & guide to implement serviceable educational resources &  means & materials required for teaching & learning process.           

    Come friends, we together join with this district level institution working for enrollment, stagnation and educational improvement and we together make the universalization of student educational quality and our good wish is to serve the "Bal Devo" seating in the classroom………                    
Dr. A.V.Patel
P.T.C. M.A. M.Ed. Ph.D.
DIET, Santrampur.