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Functions & Functionaries of Academic Branches
P & M (Planning & Management)
  Introduction :
This is the seventh important branch of District institutes of education & Training. This department has to plan & manage the work to be done by all the departments. It has also to give technical assistance, evaluation, planning etc… of the institutes outside the DIET, like schools, educational campus, centers etc.. Which are working for education with the other department of DIET.
  1. To maintain an appropriate database for the district this may be required for various planning exercises aimed at the UPE/UEE/NLM goals and for monitoring progress towards these goals.
  2. To provide technical assistance to educational authorities in (i) school mapping (ii) Micro planning for UPE/AUEE in an area specific and target group specific manner, (iii) formation and activation of school complexes, schools etc, and (v)Institutional evaluation.
  3. To serve as the nodal branch in relation to all programmes of community involvement in basic education, and in particular, to conduct orientation programmes for members of DBE, VECs, community leaders, youth and other voluntary educational workers.
  4. To act as the nodal branch for preparing quin-quennial and annual institutional plans and annual self evaluation reports for the DIET, and for liaising with DBE.
  5. To provide P & M related inputs into all other programmes/activities of the institute e.g. pre-service and in-service programmes for teachers, training programmes for NFE/AE personnel, Field Interaction activities, Action Research etc.
Work of P & M Branch
  Work Related to Planning & Management
To give planning & management information in all the programmes, activities of the DIET, preserves teacher trainings, in-service teacher trainings, non formal education, adult education, field service, action research etc… Also to give plan of school map, micro plan, school campus planning, institutional planning etc.
  Annual planning of District Institution
To prepare new self evolution report at the end of the year to plan annual, three yearly, and five yearly institutional plan of the DIETs.
  Provisions of information base and keeping a watch on Growth
To maintain various necessary numerical data of the growth achieved, keep a watch on the growth and planning the goals to be achieved for expansion of primary/elementary education, settlement, and National Literacy work
  To Give Methodical Suggestion
To carry on study work, to give the suggestions to primary/elementary education, the organizers, administrators, educational directors and educational committees of National Literacy Mission.
  The Important Areas to Carry on This Kind of Study are as Under
  1. A study of the factors affecting the naming, continuity, regularity of the adult students, especially women, scheduled castes, tribes, the physically handicapped, the people living in Albums, and other backward areas etc and give them suggestions.
  2. To check the effect of work done for the benefit of above mentioned people, and give necessary suggestions
  3. To know the opinion and partnership of the groups in elementary education, find out the areas and give suggestions
  4. To make technical development and regulations for schools, Adult Education Centers, non formal educational centers
To provide technical assistance in mapping of educational institutions, Micro plan, expansion plan, frame work of educational computers, institutional planning, and institutional evolution
Plan a behavioral programme for main teachers of primary schools, officers, leader of B.R.Cs, CRCs and including the following matters in it:-Leadership, inspiration, partnership of the group, education discipline, financial matters, office work methods.
This department has to give the above mentioned information to all the other departments of the institute
To evaluate the expansion and National Literacy Mission programmes
This department has to awake all the other departments. It has to carry on activities of survey up to evolution. This department works as an instructor and maintain the entire basis. It works for the process of admission of students, regular attendance, and plans for achievements, and managements.
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