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Functions & Functionaries of Academic Branches
PSTE (Pre-Service Teacher Education)
This branch is called the laboratory of the Institute, because the pre-Service teachers are also be given same training as is given to in-service teachers, non-formal, adult education workers by the institute. The teachers are to be given the wide work experience of the institute.
1. Pre-service Teacher Education (PSTE)
1. To serve as the nodal branch for the following:
Organizing pre-service course for elementary school teachers and to provide academic inputs into such course is the subjects represented in the Branch.
Propagation of learner centered education and education for personality development through training, extension, preparation of suitable teaching aids, action researches etc.
All general matters concerning teaching methodology and specific matters concerning teaching methodology of the school NFE subjects represented in the Branch.
Provision of Psychological Counseling and guidance services to schools and NFE/AE centers of the district.
All matters relating to learning by children of Disadvantaged Groups.
Education of children with major handicaps and other mild handicaps.
Education of the Gifted.
2.  To conduct such in service programmes whose content relates exclusively or      predominately to the subjects represented in the branch, or to its other area of nodal      responsibility listed at (ii) – (vii) under 1.
3.  To provide inputs into programmes/activities of all other branches of the Institute, to the      extent of subjects/areas represented/handled in the Branch.
4.  Maintenance of science Lab, Psychology equipment, Resource Room for Education of      Disabled children, Rooms for Art education, and equipments and facilities for sports and      Physical Education.
5.  Promotion of and support to co-curricular activities in areas related t the substantive work      of branch, e.g. debates and elocution, literature, Science Fairs, Visual and Performing Arts,      Sports and Physical Education competitions, Yoga, Hobbies etc.
To Give Service as Centralized Branch :
  The teachers working in this branch give the information regarding admissions, instructions,   evaluation, checking, the syllabus of the branch and its subject etc. to the trainees.
Developing Curriculum and research Material
  To do research work, developing proper curriculum and to give its training and to advertise   it.
Matters regarding educational activities
  To give guidance, development material, educational activities etc.
  To give idea of in-service programs, non-formal programs to the elementary teacher.
  To Give information about programs activities and subject taught by the different branches.   Such as
  •    In-service programs for elementary teachers.
  •    Training programs for non formal and adult education employees
  •    To develop local curriculum, education employees.
  •    To develop local curriculum, education material low cost education material,    testing and evaluation equipments.
  •    To give idea of field interaction activities.
  •    To do research work with regard to of gifted students education and    disadvantaged children's.
To Preserve Educational Material
  Science laboratory, psychology equipments, art equipments, sport and yoga education   equipments, and preserve educational equipments, and classroom of disabled children.
Co-curricular Activities
  To encourage Co-curricular activities like debates, literature, science fair, visual performing   arts, sports and physical educational, yoga, Hobbies etc.
PSTE (Pre-Service Teacher Education)
  Facilities :
  •   Computer Lab
  •   E.L.T. Corner
  •   T.L.M. Corner
  •   Science Laboratory
  •   Library
  •   Chhatralay (Hostel)
  Computer Lab :
There are 15 Computers in the College Computer Lab with all facilities like Internet Connection, Scanner, Printer. Students of 1st and 2nd Year of PSTE branch avail this facility. Even the Lecturers and teachers take the benefit of the well equipped Computer Lab. The Lab is Fully A.C.
  E. L.T. Corner :
English Language Teaching :
GCERT Gandhinagar has developed ELT cells in all district institutes to make the English teaching more effective from pre-service training itself. It has form a group of Lecturer teaching English subject and represented meet at regular intervals and discuss regarding the new technique, experiment, methods, implemented in their institutions. ELT cells are formed at all district institutes under the guidance and co-operation of Dr. Mahendrabhai Bhatt, Principal DIET, Gandhinager.
A) The Main Objects Behind the Formation of ELT Cells are
  1. To develop a simple English teaching Methods and bring awareness for English language among learners.
  2. To make the maximum use of these cells during the in-service training work of English education.
  3. To develop teaching learning material based on the English subject contains of std. V to VII for teaching English Language.
  4. To develop Audio, Video Material and to Make Effective the in-service and pre-service English subject teaching.
  5. To make use of Materials providing in the ELT cell and make the English teaching more effective.
B) ELT Study Corner formation, Activities, Work Methods
  1. To make a place where all the material used for teaching English is kept.
  2. To make TLM along with variations charts.
  3. The select Audio-Visual Equipments materials.
  4. To collect related useful books in the English teaching process.
  5. To keep the bulletin, flannel and wall boards for the trainees to show their abilities in English Subject.
  6. To prepare a chart of English Books, the place from which they are bought etc.
  7. To bring English magazines like Wisdom etc.
  8. Collection of loanwords, a chart of repetition of mistakes, English writing, formation of sentences and making different projects based on the syllabus.
C) Organizing Various Competitions
  1. To organizing prepare assembly in English once a week.
  2. To present simple points on teaching English language in prayer assembly.
  3. To read English news in prayer assembly.
  T.L.M. Corner :
A TLM Corner is developed at Santrampur Institute, in which In-service and Pre-service teacher's 500 TLM equipments useful to the teachers are kept in the Show-Case. Those TLM are developed by teacher and trainees, it is used by teachers and trainees in their lessons.
  Science laboratory :
The equipments like Microscope, Slide projector, OHP etc are avail be in the laboratory. The trainees come to experiment work for two periods during a week in the lab. The trainees are sent to respective school for their lesson and they give the information regarding the experiment. The trainees make the children of school do the activities included in the science text-book. The trainees make use of charts prepared by them while giving guidance to the children.

A kit of standard of Std V for doing experiments is made ready in the lab. Facilities for std VI and VII experiments are also available in the lab.

The Lab of DIET sets and example to the primary school of the district. The trainees do the experiment of std I to VII during 2 years of their training. The primary teacher and students visit the lab of DIET once a week and trainees and science teacher do the necessary experiments and show them. They also give them the materials, charts for use. The trainees who have undergone the training in this lab become an efficient science teacher.
  Library :
To increase the knowledge of Trainees teaching and non-teaching staff, good books, magazine are news papers are available in the Library. The Library is divided in to 2 parts. 1st Part is before the institute was formed and 2nd part is bought after the institute formed. In the 1st part at present total 5383 books are there. The price of which is 175878 /-

In the library total 30 magazine of different subjects are brought in that 6 magazine are of English Language and other of Gujarati Language. These magazine are mainly based on literature, education, science, Computer, Employment, general knowledge, Children’s materials etc.
  Hostel :
Hostel residence and collective life is compulsory for PSTE training. The trainees develop qualities like collective living, liking for physical work, self-confidence , self-independent , discipline etc during their hostel residence.

The trainee hostel of DIET, Santrampur is equipped with all the facilities. In which kitchen, dining room, water-cooler, toilets, bathroom, are equipped with electricity.

The rooms are big and airy cupboards and beds are also kept. The hostel provides all the facilities so that the trainees feel at home.

The main specialty of this hostel is that the total handling of the kitchen is done by the trainees themselves in which the financial transparency is worth nothing. Every month the food expenditure is hardly about 300 to 400 rupees.

In which the trainees have, Chapati, Dal, rice, vegetables, salad, khichadi, curry and feast weekly or fortnightly.

Their day starts with the morning prayer at 5.30 a.m. and ends with the evening prayer at 10.30 p.m. at night. During the whole day, they do different activities like group prayer, group cleaning, yoga, pranayam, exercise, self-learning, drawing, music, physical education, games, TV, planting trees etc. The trainees take part happily in all these activities.

Self-discipline is a wealthy ornament of this hostel. This Hostel is worth visiting.
Various Programmes Of DIET Hostel
  •  The food management and its account are kept by the trainers association and their  committee through self administration.
  •  A rector performs different activities in hostel as per the time table.
  •  In P.S.T.E. hostel formation of peer group learning and team teaching’s activities for  quality based education.
  •  There are always DIET and Hostel buildings cleaned by the trainers and also watering  the plants of campus.
  •  Changeable Mantri mandal
  •  Low Cost Food Bill
  •  ST/SC Students are given food bill back by Social welfare Department and takedari
  •  Regular Cleanness’ is kept in the boarding
  •  Regular Activity of Yoga and Boarding are done by during
  •  Facilities Provide by Hostel
  •  To each Trainees is Provide cot, Bedding, Dish, bowl and Spoon etc.
  •  For hot water boiler and solar water heater facility is provide
  •  For drinking water fridge and aqua guard facility is provide
  •  Color T.V.and Cable Connection is Provide
  •  To each Trainees is facilities Benches and chairs too.
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