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Role of DIET
Training Structure
Area of Operation

     Most of the programmes are conducted at District level. Some of them are conducted at  Block, CRC as well as School level.


Approach during the training regarding methodology are

  •    Group work
  •    Project work
  •    Demostration
  •    Discussion
  •    Dialogue
  •    Dramatisation
  •    Puppetry
Equipment Used in the Trainings are

Audio visual instrument like

  •    Computer
  •    LCD Projectore
  •    TV/LED
  •    Bisag
  •    Smart Class
  •    Gyankunj etc
Target Group
  •    CRG Co. (Primary teacher)
  •    BRG Co. (Primary teacher)
  •    DRG Co. (Primary teacher)
  •    CRC Co. (Primary teacher)
  •    Nodal teacher (Secondary teacher)
  •    Principal of Secondary school
  •    Head Teacher
  •    ICDS RT/BRP
  •    BRP Co.
  •    Anganwadi karykar
Training Structure Mainly Adopt
Central Level
1. National Council for Educational Training and Research (NCERT), New Delhi

        This institute gives training from primary education to higher secondary education. Long term residential trainings and research work related to training are also done at the institute. The teachers doing extra-ordinary work in primary & secondary levels of any area awarded a national award and prizes. Training programmers syllabus and research work are organized by this institute. College of Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), Ajmer (Raj.), Mysore (Karnataka) and Bhuvneshwar (Orissa) are working.

2. National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) ,
    New Delhi
        This Institute gives all level trainings. Mainly it gives importance to educational planning and administration. This institute gives training to the Lecturers of the state just like NCERT for the planning and administration.
3. National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) , New Delhi
        This Institute does the work of registration of pre-primary to higher secondary schools. It does the work of new experiment in teaching and its training and developing new ideas and views. This institute decide the rules and regulations for the recognition of training institutes. It tries to form equal syllabus for teaching and training moreover experts committee checks the recognized institutes at regular intervals.
State Level
Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training(GCERT), Gandhinagar
  •   The district Institute for education and training DIET gives training at district level in 26   district of the state. GCERT gives the guidance and motivation to give the training to   these institutes on the wide stage.
  •   Organizes the educational training programmes at schools level in primary & secondary   schools so that central education policy is formed.
  •   The Programmes of educational development and training are done by the aids   received from the state government.
  •   GCERT gives the basic help in training to teacher improving the quality of primary   education meeting the required necessities of current education etc.
Work Department of GCERT
1. Teaching-Training Department
  •   School readiness
  •   Improving the Quality of Primary Education
  •   In-service Teacher Training
  •   Pre-service Teacher Training
2. Research, Language, education & Publishing Department
  •   Research at primary Education level
  •   Language Education Prosper
  •   Publishing Work
3. Maths, Science and Educational Technology Department
  •   Improving Science Education
  •   Improving Math’s Education
  •   National Science Seminar
  •   Western India Science Fair
  •   Science Fair for the Children
  •   Educational Technology in School
4. Population Educational Department
  •   Population Education
  •   Population Education Training
5. Syllabus Evaluation and Work Experience Department
  •   Making Syllabus Material
  •   Making Syllabus equipment Material
  •   Evaluation & Training
  •   Developing work experience activities
  •   Environment Education
6. Art, Physical and Yoga Education Department
  •   Art Education
  •   Physical Education
  •   Yoga Education
7. Administration Department
  •   Institutional Educational Administration
  •   Guidance Facilitating
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